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Consider together with your daughter / son what is important before starting a journey such as how many children shall the host family have, which foreign language (French, Italian or even English) your daughter or son would like to learn. Please take the time to accompany your daughter or son to the application interview in order to have the opportunity to meet the mediator. you can this way support your daughter or your son and you can even be involved during the family selection. You can discuss their fears about heard things with the mediator.

You will receive the Swiss current directives regarding an au pair journey. If you wish, we are at your disposal to examine the employment contract between the employer and your daughter or your son.

Your daughter / your son must register with the new job location. Please enquire at the resident's registration office.

Language courses
A clear arrangement about when and where a language course is attended, contributes to profit the most from the journey and to communicate in the new language. The course fee is at the au pairs or their parents charge.

Family integration / Outings on evening's
Clear conditions have to be set during the contract subscription between the host family and your daughter / your son. Please clear up how many times your daughter or your son may go out and where the free time may be spent. For the nights out the employer will need your authorizatio. The frequency and the time should also be agreed between you and the employer.

Your daughter / your son have the right to 5 weeks paid holidays per year (until the accomplishment of the 20th year of age). The employer is entitled to determine the  date of those holidays. Planned stages for a future apprenticeship must be early discussed with the employer.

In Switzerland an au pair is subject to the labour legislation. This means, that there are precise specifications to respect. The salary amounts from approx. 450.-- CHF to CHF 650.--, depending on the working hours and the canton. In addition they have free room and board. The language course is usually paid by the au pair.

Im foreign countries an au pair has to be considered as a member of the family, free room and board plus about CHF 80.-- to CHF 120.-- per week for pocket money, depending from the working hours and the country. The language course has to be paid by the au pair itself. A lot of families pay the season ticket for the public transport.