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Health insurance: Has to be covered by our own insurance. Please advise about the change of location of your daughter / son and check if the insurance coverage is sufficient.

Indemnity Insurance: Responsibility of the au pairs parents

Theft insurance: Responsibility of the au pairs parents

Accident insurance: The employer is obliged by law to insure the au pair for industrial and non industrial accidents and for occupational diseases. If you have an own accident insurance clarify if the insurance can be suspended during the journey.

In Switzerland an au pair is supposed to the employment legislation, that means there are clear statutory provisions. The salary amounts to approx. 450.00 - 650.00 SFr. depending on the number of worked hours in a week and on the region and includes board and lodging. The language course is usually paid by the au pair.

AHV: Die Gastfamilie ist verpflichtet, ein Au-Pair, das während der Anstellungszeit 18 Jahre alt wird, bei der AHV an zu melden.

Other countries: The au pair is committed to conclude any insurance in Switzerland for the whole journey in the foreign country, comprising the health insurance with the supplement for the respective country, the theft and indemnity insurance.

In foreign countries the au pair is considered as a "member of the family", free board and lodging plus a pocket money of approx. 80.00 - 120.00 Fr. per week depending on the country. The language course is paid by the au pair. The most families pay the subscription for the public transport.